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  • 7 Nächte Nilkreuzfahrt 5 Vollpension
  • 7 Nächte Nilkreuzfahrt 5 Vollpension
  • 7 Nächte Nilkreuzfahrt 5 Vollpension

Nile cruise 5 stars super deluxe 7 nights including excursion package 

Enjoy one week the beautiful drive along the Nilufer. Departure from Luxor via Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo to Aswan and back to Luxor.
The following travel and sightseeing tour describes the itinerary of your Nile cruise 5 star deluxe including sightseeing:
Day 1 Arrival to Luxor

 Your German speaking tour guide awaits you in Luxor for embarkation and accompanies you during your Nile cruise. Fortify yourself with your first meal on board and then explore historic Luxor. Make this exploration tour according to your own individual wishes.

(Lunch and dinner and overnight on board in Luxor)
Day 2 Luxor – Esna – Edfu
 After breakfast, your journey leads across the Nile to the vast necropolis of Thebes West. In the Valley of the Kings, the important rulers of Egypt found their final resting place. Over 60 graves have been discovered by archaeologists in the Valley of the Kings. We visit the rock tombs of the pharaohs with their antique murals. They
miraculously reflect the ancient Egyptian ideas of the Journey to the afterlife. The visit to the tomb of the famous pharaoh Tut-anch-Amun can be booked on your own request.
 The imposing and impressive terrace temple in Deir el-Bahari of Queen Hatshepsut, which dates back to 1479-1458 BC. reigns will also remain in your memory.
 From afar, you can admire the giant memnon colossi. The pair of monolithic statues represents the soul of Pharaoh Amenhotep.

In the afternoon, the ship leaves and your journey continues via Esna to Edfu. Enjoy meals on board and an unforgettable sunset on the Nile.
(Overnight on board)
Day 3 Edfu – Kom Ombo
 Today you will reach Edfu. Your day begins in the morning with a visit to the best preserved temple in Egypt – the Temple of the Sun God Horus.

Further downstream you will reach Kom Ombo. There you will visit the impressive double temple of the crocodile-headed god Sobek.
Relax and let your day pass on the drive to Aswan and enjoy the sunset over the Nile. The next day is already waiting for you with more unforgettable impressions.

(Meals and overnight on board)
 Nile cruise incl. Excursions

4th day Aswan

 Your day starts with a fast motorboat ride from Aswan to Agilkia Island, located in the middle of Lake Assuan. Here we visit the holy Philae temple, which is dedicated to the goddess Isis. According to legend, Isis found here the heart of her husband Osiris.

Get back to modernity with this architectural highlight – the Aswan dam. It is one of the largest dams in the world. On the east bank you can admire the huge unfinished obelisk in the ancient granite quarry.

In the afternoon, take a romantic felucca ride on the Nile and feel the special atmosphere of Assuan. The wonderful impressions of the day can be completed in the evening, bookable on your own request, with a visit to the sound and light show in the Philae Temple or relax on the boat.
 (meals and overnight on board)

During our Nile cruise you will visit all the main attractions of Upper Egypt.
Day 5 Aswan – Abu Simbel

 Make today’s trip your own way. You have the opportunity to visit the picturesque and lively souk of Aswan. Collect unforgettable impressions and smells of Aswan or take part in the excursion to Abu Simbel on your own request.
 In Abu Simbel you can see the most imposing structures of Egypt – the great temple of Ramses II and the smaller temple of his wife Nefertari. Both are an example of the extraordinary skills of Egyptian builders of the time.
 (meals and overnight on board.)
Day 6 Aswan – Luxor

 Relax on board today and review your impressions as you take the return trip on the Nile ship from Aswan via Edfu and Esna to Luxor.
Day 7 Luxor
Welcome back to Luxor. In the afternoon we visit the temple complex of Karnak, one of the largest religious buildings in the world. The Karnak Temple impresses with its labyrinthine floor plan and its impressive colonnades.

Tip : bookable on your own request, you can end the evening at the sound and light show.
Our way leads us to the beautifully situated Luxor Temple, which is dedicated to the god Amun. Here you will be fascinated by the wide view over the Nile.
The day ends with a festive dinner on the boat, where we spend our last night.

(Meals and accommodation on board)
Day 8 Luxor – Disembarkation
An impressive eventful cruise comes to an end and a “Good bye – hope to see you again” After breakfast, the disembarkation takes place with subsequent private transfer to Luxor airport for your return flight.

We thank you for a wonderful time together and look forward to seeing you again soon.
* We reserve the right to change the program.

Have fun with Extra World Nile Cruise 5 stars super deluxe

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